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Friday, February 16, 2007

Not so Saturday Sky.

It's a picture of the sunset tonight (Friday night) instead of a picture of tomorrow's (Saturday's) sky. I will be too busy in the morning to write a post.

The Mr., Girly and I are taking a road trip. We need a break from here so we are heading out to the Metropolis of Kenora for the day. Where we will be dining on ordinary fare and visiting some of the same stores as are in Dryden but a bit bigger.

So why go, you ask? It is a beautiful drive and I will get to visit The Painted Sheep (no website) as well as a few other little shops that are not in Sioux and the Mr. will get an item he has had on raincheck at the Canadian Tire store in Dryden for nearly three months and probably won't get in for another three months. The store in Kenora has two in stock and will honour his raincheck. What's a raincheck, you ask? Well, when Canadian Tire has a sale, if they run out of stock, instead of turning away customers like other stores do, they give you a slip of paper signed and verified by a store employee that guarantees you that item at the sale price no matter when it comes in. Pretty nifty way of keeping customers happy. You can take the raincheck to any other Canadian Tire all across Canada and they will honour it too.

That leftover Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora from my Fetching was just enough for a square for Warming Grace. Cynthia is still collecting squares for blankets if anyone has a bit of leftover 100% natural fibre yarn and some time. Those strands are all that was left of the balls after I finished weaving in the ends. See that little strand of blue beside the darning needle? That was my cast off end. The long one was the cast on and I was praying I would have enough left to cast off and weave in.

If you are bored and need something interesting to do, the new issue of Yarnival is up and Lolly, Rhonda and Liz K. are all in it. There are some cool new-to-me blogs and I learned something from it too. How to use a Nostepinne. I am going to practice on the road tomorrow and I hope to be able to show off a nice centre-pull ball from my empty tin foil tube on Monday. Have a good weekend! I'll take as many pictures as I can on the road.


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