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Monday, May 14, 2007


I finished another Ballband (love this one) and apparently I am taking a break from the dishcloths for a week or two. Some things appeared on my needles when I wasn't looking and they all have a charity deadline.

The white is a hat for the Yarn Harlot's Toronto party. The green is a square for Firefly's Gracious Parcels Project. The red is to be a felted purse and the blue is to be a small bracelet bag along the lines of Crazy Aunt Purl's only different. Both purses are for the Relay auction held during the start of the Relay. Although our team is working on a table so we can sell our own stuff. That way we can split up the earnings among all the team members just in case some people don't make their $100.00 suggested minimum pledges. My donations are going up too! Look in the sidebar! Thank you all! I am reduced to excessive exclamation points by your generosity!!! We have a garage sale planned for June 2nd. If you happen to be in the area, I'll have some baking and some soups up for sale.

How to freak out some nice Minnesota tourists. Come out of the vet's office carrying a bottle of medication. Start taking closeups of the tree by the parking lot. Smile, say "Hi, how's it going." like you are all normal and stuff. Get in your car, fire it up and have Johnny Lang belting out "Lie to Me" while you drive off.

Mother Nature seems to have startitis too. She is growing so many things all at once. My Mother's front garden.

One of my pine trees.

My Tamarak.

The grass. Although the Mr. and Girly got started on cutting that yesterday. Every girl needs to have a chance to drive a lawn tractor. She did pretty good too.

If you have a bit of time, say a prayer for Savant Lake would you? It's a small community northeast of us. They had a train derail last week and the resulting fire is still really bad. The boys who work in the bush and were laid off may be called back to help fight it and apparently one of the tourist camps lost a cabin on Sunday. They are making preparations to evacuate the area if the fire doesn't get under control. Savant Lake is not a rich community. We all need rain. It looked like it might pour on Sunday, but nothing happened and we are as dry as ever was.


  • Are those fiddelheads in the second garden photo? Last year we left for the weekend and they were that size, when we returned, they had fully opened and we were left wanting!!!!

    Love your blog, keep it up!

    By Blogger Alberta ('Berta), at 10:03 AM, May 14, 2007  

  • so green!

    are mudcakes on at chez girlie

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 9:07 PM, May 14, 2007  

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