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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Okay, who broke it?!

I go away and Blogger is doing alright. I come back and I can't upload pictures due to some error thing.

We made it there and back very well and I even made it to the yarn store. I had no money to spend due to things like not having a job and all, but I got to pet many things and once I do have money, I'll know what to have Lynn at Threads in Time send me, post haste!

Also I didn't get much knitting done. Due to things like driving [only 391 deer this time], being alone in a hotel with a three year old for a night and day, entertaining said three year old until Daddy's plane came in and not having any projects on the needles that can be knit in the dark. Not one. I need to remedy that one of these days.

Hopefully photos tomorrow!


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