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Friday, October 05, 2007


I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving (in Canada anyway) weekend.

1. My Father in Law is stabilized and able to have surgery when there is a bed available. Probably Tuesday, thank goodness he's in Newfoundland where the wait times are shorter than here.

2. My Mr. had overtime on this and his next cheque so we could afford for him to go to be with his family. Heck with paying things off. That pales in importance right now.

3. My family was able to jump in and help out with the pets and Girly so I could drive the Mr. in the Winnipeg to catch a early flight out.

4. That Ray was able to recognize what was happening and call for help before things got too bad for him to be able to speak.

5. That his friend was home and able to take him to the hospital fast enough to get there before his heart stopped.

6. That the emergency doctors and nurses were able to get his heart going again and have him stabilized within 24 hours and that the heart specialist and surgeon are available so soon.

7. That the Mr. and I didn't hit that deer that ran across the road and that it was the only one out of 41,348 to make the crossing while we drove by.

8. That we didn't get lost in one way hell Winnipeg. Thank you Google Map's Get Directions feature!

9. That the Mr. made it home safely and was able to talk with his father before heading off to sleep.

10. That I didn't get a job so I could drive with the Mr. to Winnipeg and bring the car home today so he could catch an early flight. Which means that he didn't have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to fly out.

11. That all of you jumped in and sent off the healing! Knowing that you are there helps big time.

So many things that mean the world when the chips are down. If you haven't already, go tell your family you love them. Tell them everyday. Even if they make you crazy. Even if you haven't spoken for a while. You never know when you might not have them around and that chance to tell them is gone or that chance to talk one more time. Sometimes just knowing that you tried to bridge the rift and failed is far better than knowing that you never tried at all and now it's too late.

I hope you all have a great weekend and see you Tuesday. I have to go sleep now, love you!


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