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Thursday, September 27, 2007

We need more.

I have not had much knitting time due to things like job interviews (this morning in the next town) and laundry (I needed clean, not jeans, type clothes for aforementioned interview). So what little progress I made is next best thing to unnoticeable. I need less laundry and more knitting time. Maybe a driver too, while I am asking for the impossible.

But there is still stuff to look at round here. Oh yes. Like how much we need more rain.

Because the mushrooms aren't big enough. They need more friends to hang with.

There are three or four varieties of mushroom in my yard and I don't know if any of them are edible. I am assuming that they are not though. Funny how much I miss my little Pentax. This HP might be a tough camera, but I need more megapixels now. I have become accustomed to the clarity, truer colours and macro shots. Spoiled, I know.

The colours of fall are spectacular now and see the more rain?
The colours are vibrant and varied even on the branches of the trees.

For Suzanne: This is what you saw in the corner of one of my photos. It isn't real, it just guards the rectangle of weeds I sometimes call a garden.

This is my real well. Not quite as pretty. One day I will get a fake well big enough to put over the real well and maybe we'll remember how to use the weed whacker too.


  • Dorothy - I was wondering if you could email me please re ISE4.

    By Anonymous Donyale, at 10:39 PM, September 27, 2007  

  • I always so enjoy looking at your pics - with the ones this time you've put me into some real fall-mood - a positive one after seeing those beautiful colours! And don't worry about the rain, we've been getting lots and lots of it lately too - perfect knitting weather if you have the time for it!
    Good luck with the job interviews!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 3:07 AM, September 28, 2007  

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