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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Day after the Big Blank.

I'm here and I've been knitting. Yesterday was one of those days where I could talk to people, reply to something they'd written, but bring up a blank page for me to write something and my head filled with random words that didn't work together or make any sense.

Fortunately the words in your head don't have to make sense when it comes to the knitting. I've finished the second skein of charcoal on the Mr.'s sweater and discovered that I've misplaced my pattern book. It's either at my parent's house or at the yarn store. So I have to stop until I find it. Under the Water (the scarf) got the second skein joined and grew a little more. The sheet music is for the Festival of Carols community choir. I've joined again this year and Monday was the second practice. So far, we are doing pretty well.
Good thing there are a few more indoor things starting now. Except for two hot and muggy days on the weekend, it's been cool to cold.

The leaves are falling and signs of Halloween are cropping up here and there. Mainly in the costume and treat departments of the stores. Christmas stuff isn't far behind.

I have a plan for the crazy knitting at Christmas time though. It probably won't happen. One nephew got a crappy gift last year (we bought him a guitar kit thinking that he had a guitar, he doesn't) so I'm thinking of making him a skull hat this year to make up for it a little. Fifteen year old boys are hard to buy for when you won't consider all that crap people call games now.

I think he'll be the only one since I want to make washcloths for the women in the shelter again (if you want to send some, I won't turn them away and I won't complain email me at duchofb @ yahoo . ca if you want to help and I'll send you the address to mail them to, if you don't have it from last year) and I have the ISE 5 scarf, I promised a friend a pretty wedding garter for her upcoming wedding and I want to try to finish the Mr.'s sweater before it gets crazy cold. Then there is fixing Girly's halloween bag to get it to look better and maybe lining it. See, no crazy holiday knitting going on at all.

Psst, look familiar? Check out this L&V's Daily Chum post! I am a happy, happy girl.


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