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Friday, September 14, 2007

Not again.

That is exactly what it appears to be, snow. It has melted now and it's about 2*C/35*F outside. It appears that another early winter is on its way. Or is it? The forecast for Monday is 24*C/75*F.

I still don't have much mojo for writing or for knitting. Today is cleaning day and hopefully once my surroundings are neater and cleaner, my mojo will return.

The water is back on for now. Apparently our pipes keep cracking due to brittleness. It seems that although they are not old, relatively speaking, they are not good. The plumber said he can fix them and they should hold for a while, but we need to replace them in the spring.

Still haven't heard about the job. Sigh. Hopefully by the end of the day or Monday.


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