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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's my new favourite thing!

I love it and I don't want to take it off all day.
A happy giftee
Apparently it's perfect for those high speed turns on the tractor too.
Tractor driving
I used one skein of Cascade Quatro and this pattern sort of. I modified it to make it a bit more solid since a lot of places are pretty drafty and I wanted a bit of warmth around the shoulders and chest. I quit increasing needle sizes at 7mm, did a few decrease rounds, one after switching from M1 to Yo, one after adding swirls between the M1/Yo swirls, and one just before starting the two repeats of Yo, K2tog at the bottom.
Kiddie Capelet with mods
I didn't have enough yarn left for a proper bind off and had to thread the tail through all the live stitches then weave it in to secure it. Not my favourite bind off, but it works and looks pretty good. These tails are all I had left of the yarn after all was said and done.

I think the cousins may get one each for Christmas since it’s quick, easy, pretty and inexpensive.

ETA: I'm getting all nutty with my crappy connection and using the wrong size photos and then forgetting the link. Yeesh.


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