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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Short pages and I find out that I am on the right path for me.

Yep, I do think that patterns are an invention of sorts. Although I have had an idea or two gelling in my head for a while. Who knew patents cost so dang much.

What are you about?

My personalDNA Report

The Mr. is going to write his final M (Aviation Maintenance Engineer) license tomorrow morning and has to leave tonight. Wish us luck. This is his third attempt at it and we really want this to be the last attempt. It is a very difficult exam since he doesn't work on the kind of engine the majority of the questions focus on and they are very detailed. What makes it even more difficult is that the multiple choice answers are almost right or could work to fix the problem, you have to pick the one that the manuals and the study books say you should. So fun.

Also I have a job interview tomorrow. To say that there are a few nerves around here, well. Poor kids. Let's hope it's nice enough for them to play outside most of the day.


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