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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Simple, not easy.

I'm now on the bodice of Girly's dress. I am quite glad that this is a bit more complicated than stockinette since I need a bit of a distraction. I'm feeling a bit annoyed lately. It seems that once I decide it's okay for the status quo to change, I want it to happen yesterday, last week even. Hopefully a change in stitch patterns will help with the need for change to happen now.

It might also explain my drive to finish up old projects and yet still be casting on for new ones. I am quite proud of this yarn cake. I'm getting better at using my fingers to start a ball and transferring to my thumb for the winding.

I found this cute little poncho type thing that has a nice collar and is solid around the shoulders and upper chest. It doesn't take a whole lot of yarn either so this one ball of Cascade 220 should be enough even if I change it a bit. I'm thinking it would be perfect for Girly now that the air has a bit of a chill in it every morning, but still warms up in the afternoon.


  • I can relate to the feeling of impatience when change is in the air, I tend to feel the same way.

    The Cascade 220 is pretty, I think it will look great on Girly!

    By Blogger Charity, at 10:33 AM, August 29, 2007  

  • Ahhh, change! I can so relate to your feelings! I'm usually quite afraid of change and would want to throw it all away of me - but when I sense it in the air, I'd so love to speed it up and have it happen NOW! Argh!
    This yarn cake looks totally good, I'm impressed - and the little poncho that you found is probably the cutest I've ever seen! I can so well imagine Girly wearing that - she'd love it!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 3:14 AM, August 30, 2007  

  • I totally understand the change thing. That usually explains every weird haircut I've ever gotten.

    By Blogger Sus, at 6:56 AM, August 30, 2007  

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