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Thursday, August 23, 2007

One down, loads to go.

I have managed to get one project off the needles. It feels nice and I'm hoping this drive to finish stuff keeps going strong so it looks a little less cluttered in this corner. We've already had one frost warning (never happened) and it won't be long now before fall is here. I refuse to look at the trees right now. The Mr. says they are turning colour and I am insisting that they are green. Green, I tell you!

Right, finished project. Ahem. This is Guardian's Tail. So named since the pattern and slight iridescence of the yarn remind me of the small scales on a dragon's tail. It's the perfect size to wrap around your neck and keep your treasure safe. When you are cold, warmth is a greater treasure than any jewel, metal or piece of paper. It wraps once around my neck and meets at my collar bone so I think I am going to get some steel wire from the hardware store and see if I can make myself a little shawl pin type thing. I have to block it yet and one side is insisting on folding right over due to the pull of the stitches, but I really like it. Pattern and dimensions tomorrow.

Some of the flowers the Mr. got me for our anniversary got bent by a couple of furballs. Thankfully, they are still alive and beautiful. They are now the perfect size to put in a little aperitif glass and have as tiny centrepieces. I love Alstromeria they smell so nice and the colours are beautiful.


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