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Monday, August 13, 2007


For every season there are moments that seem to personify the essence of the time. For knitters, cottons are the choice of summer. Not too hot to have in your lap and eminently suitable for those little projects like warshrags and summer chair covers.

In the city, a child festooned with balloons walking across a hot parking lot carrying her booty from an event and singing a happy tune. The sticky, sweet smell of cotton candy and the smoke of a slightly singed hotdog permeating the air.

Here in the middle of nowhere, the sharp, sweet smell of dew heavy swamp grasses, constant singing of the grasshoppers, soft croaks of frogs and the warm glow of the sun just coming up over the trees. No voices, no cars just the peaceful sounds of nature and the clean, fresh scent of a breeze coming in off the lake.


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