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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

No knitting, crapload of pictures anyway.

I haven't knit anything I can show you. The brown with green yarn is turning out beautifully and just like I had hoped it would, so I am thinking that I will submit it to either Knitty or Magknits. I'll see when the time comes. It would be a summer thing anyway so I'll have to hold onto the pattern until they are looking for summer edition stuff.

In lieu of stitches, I give you random pictures of the games at the beach and our ride in a retired CN caboose.

Sack Races. She wanted to do it all by self. She came in dead last with a huge smile on her face. There was a regular race too and she came in second in the 3 and under group. She was so proud of her ribbon.

The boot race. Poor thing couldn't even lift the boots off the ground so the race was more about who's parent could make their children run the fastest. It wasn't us, but Girly had a blast anyway.

After all the races, the firefighters ran the hose up the ladder and turned it on. Children everywhere dropped everything and ran. Mine ran away.

Then home for lunch and back to town for the train ride. We had a choice of engine or caboose. We chose caboose since there is more room to move in them.

Off we went for a ten minute ride to the train bridge and back. Once we began to go backward, Girly stood in the doorway with the wind blowing in her hair yelling "Wheee!" Future biker I think. The respectable kind though with the doctor/lawyer husband.


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