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Friday, August 03, 2007


You know those mornings when you are wide awake at a ridiculous hour and can't go back to sleep no matter what you try? Yep, that's me this morning. I heart five freakin thirty in the damn morning. Girly slept past six this morning too, of course. I don't have any kids today though so I am taking off A.S.A.P. before someone gets called into work and I end up having kids after all. So on with the blogging!

I am four knit rows from done Clue #2 on the Mystery Stole. Just in time for Clue #5 to come out this morning. I have fallen behind on my behind-ness. I started out three clues late and although it appears that I have maintained that, Clue #4 was a big one so that the mods could have two weeks to plow through the new Harry Potter (Loved it! I finished it in a day, the children weren't exactly ecstatic with me that day.) and still keep up with the messages on the board. That means under normal circumstances, Clue #6 would be coming out today and I would be four clues behind. Time to get knitting on the lace.

You know those days where you feel like heck and look like it too? Why is it that everyone wants to take your picture on those days? I'm just glad I pulled the tissue out of my nose before I turned. Yes, those are men's sweat pants. I am not out in public though so I have not broken that resolution. Yet.

Someone figured out how to eat with sticks. She was most proud.


  • The stole is really pretty, even if you are behind on the clues. :0)

    By Blogger Charity, at 10:19 AM, August 03, 2007  

  • i think your big fronted bikini looks good. who cares if you're behind. you're tackling many phobias with that one, remember?

    and did girly learn to stick the sticks up dad's nose?

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 1:30 AM, August 04, 2007  

  • Your lace is looking lovely! I wish I'd paced myself better through the last Harry Potter, but I don't think that it could have been otherwise. I got my copy on the first day it was available from the Harvard Medical Coop in the Longwood area. Children's Hospital (of fun fur hat drive fame) is just across the street from the bookstore. Being that they were going for $21, I picked up two, and directly took one to the donations desk at Children's. I got the nicest thank yo note yesterday from them. The book has joined their lending library.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 8:26 AM, August 04, 2007  

  • Hey hey Team Canada! Already kicking your ass it seems! I have my boux. Where's yours? Loust? waaaaaa!!!


    By Blogger Cass, at 1:19 PM, August 04, 2007  

  • I've not finished clue 1!

    Check out my Sunflowers! :)

    By Blogger Kathleen, at 8:54 PM, August 04, 2007  

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