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Thursday, August 09, 2007

More of the random stuff.

It's that time again! Time for the Red Scarf Project.

Grab some needles, some gender neutral, easy care yarn and knit like mad. The deadlines have changed this year since they had so many last year and they are asking that no one send in more than 5 scarves per person. Also, Norma has some fabulous prizes up for anyone who donates. Did I mention that the prizes were incredible? They are.

Now, because we went to the Teddy Bear picnic last night with my camera case and conveniently left the camera sitting here on the charger, I am posting a random photo of a Ukrainian dance troupe that performed some wicked dances at the town beach on Friday last.

My camera work has been lacking this last little while. I think I need more sleep and fewer children running around all week. Perhaps this going to work thing might not be so bad after all. Four children 4 and under and one 6 year old are wearing me down. I don't know how women with children really close together in ages do it all day and all night. However they manage, I admire their patience and strength of mind. I am happy that we decide to enjoy Girly for a few years before thinking about having another.


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