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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yarn type stuff.

I've been plugging away at my (no longer a) Mystery Stole. Not the greatest picture, but I don't have many places to pin things. I may have to find a few of those foam boards for blocking this thing once I am done. Now that I know that the theme is Swan Lake, I am even happier with my choice of yarn and beads. Though the original selection of white or black was based on the colours of the two sisters Odette and Odile, I like mine since they colours are of the lake where Odette lived and eventually died.

I've begun a Ballband-ish dishcloth. I like the more square look this one has although the neater edges on the real ballband are better. I think I might end up crocheting an edge on this to tidy it up a bit. I broke my no more yarn rule with that cotton order from Mary Maxim, but since most of it will get turned into dishcloths for the women's shelter again I don't feel like it can be counted as stash yarn. Therefore, no guilt.

I took about fifty pictures of the sun going down yesterday and none but this one capture how the sky remained mostly grey while the sun was orange-red. This one shows more colour in the sky than was actually there, but it's pretty darn close. Not often the sun looks like a harvest moon with clear edges and no real glare.


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