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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Weekend of Many.

Thank you all for the best wishes. We appreciate them and do plan to torment each other for many years to come. We showed each other the pictures of the Sears gifts we got each other that are on back-order and went for a nice dinner. He also bought me some beautiful flowers and the next morning, I threw out two of the flowers since he couldn’t stop sneezing every time he went into the kitchen. The perfect anniversary weekend.

I wasn't on-line much this weekend, nor did much in the way of chores and it shows in the knitting. I have a plan to finish many of the things on the needles so that I don't feel so annoyed by the heaps of things here and there.

Almost finished, the Pudorosa (Don't go to the English version!! It gave me a Trojan, the bugger. I'll contact the translator and let her know, hopefully she can find someone else to host the PDF.) is off the needles. I skipped the picot bind off since, although it is pretty, it isn't my thing. I plan on adding a crochet border around the top and doing some very basic lace to give it a nice finish. Now to find twelve pretty buttons or large beads to be completely done.

The Ballband-ish warshrag is done. I added another purl and knit row to each of the colour repeats to make them larger. This means fewer repeats to get the same size cloth. I like the change even if it does seem to take longer since the repeats aren't finished as fast. I am such a sook.

A new project but one that is going fast and so far, fairly well. A pencil skirt for Girly using Butterfly Super 10 mercerized cotton. It won't flair out as much as many of her other skirts do, but it should still be easy for her to run around and play. It needs to be worn with something underneath so I am thinking I may try to find a small pair of pink shorts and sew them to the waistband. Of course, it might look much nicer to simply bite the bullet and sew a proper liner. I'll decide when I get that far. So far I am still working on the first ball. I really love the mileage with this yarn.

Another new thing. An African Violet. Apparently they propagate very well by simply putting a healthy leaf in some water and rooting compound until it grows some roots then putting it right into a pot of African Violet soil. Keep the soil moist, but not wet and about two to three weeks later, little baby leaves!

Now since I am finally finished cleaning and scrubbing the oven and stovetop, I can see just how many cups of popcorn I get from 2tbsp of popcorn kernels. Also, how many are unpopped at the end. Suzanne is conducting an experiment so if you want to participate, head over and see what kind of data she needs. Since I wrote this and the crappy service from our internet provider kicked me off-line before I could publish, I popped a total of 162 kernels of no-name popcorn from the Bulk Zone. I used a bit too much oil/butter so my results won't be as accurate as they could be though. I wound up with approximately 2 cups of popped kernels and six unpopped kernels. Not bad.

One other thing. If a truck full of birds is traveling along and all the birds simultaneously take flight, does the truck suddenly weigh less?

ETA: A better warning about the english version of the Pudorosa pattern.


  • I like the Pudorosa, and am contemplating a zippered version. The skirt is looking DARLING, especially with the ruffle. It's gonna swing!

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 3:33 PM, August 21, 2007  

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