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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hello, Camera!

There are a few pictures in this post. It's probably a good thing I can't put a lot of pictures in any one post or this page would take a long time for even fast connections to load.

I'm still doing well on the finishing of projects and managed to get a couple more off the needles completely.

The Pudorosa got it's crocheted edging. It's not really that skinny. I have it folded in quarters to make it easier to photograph. I have to figure out how to block it and get 12 pretty matching closures for it. Then it will be completely done, but there is no more knitting or crocheting required for it.

Girly's Boa is finished. I didn't use the whole ball of yarn since there is a lot in there and she would have been tripping over it. I cast on something else with the remaining ball. I may be going hard on the finishing, but I am still doing the starting thing. She loves it and we had fun with our photo shoot.

The skirt portion of this is about 2 inches from done, then the bodice. That is one ball of El. D. Mouzakis Butterfly Mercerized Cotton Super 10. Amazing amount of yardage in them! It falls to just above her knees, but since I want a small waistband to help with the stretching before starting the bodice, I have to add a bit more to compensate for the fold.

I made myself a little shawl pin type thing for my Guardian's Tail. Not a professional job, but I like how it looks. I bought some Dark Annealed Steel from the hardware store and went to town with the swirls and curls. It works pretty well.

There was a fall fair in Dryden on the weekend and we had a great time. Girly got a picture drawn. She thought that was the best thing ever and did really well considering it took about 1/2 hour to draw. Including a few interruptions and Girly getting up to see the drawing. It turned out beautifully and she loves it.

Girly had a grand time on the rides too. She saw a couple of kids on the adult rides screaming and holding their arms in the air, so to the entertainment of myself and many other parents, she screamed and held her arms in the air for at least 1/4 of the time on nearly every ride. The carousel was the only exception.

She was very entertained by the fact that they had little boats just like Daddy's big boat.

Here are some of the many green things around. Let us speak of them now, then hold our peace for the next month. I am not ready yet.


  • Girly seems to have so much joie de vivre. A fluffy, black boa is just the thing for her! The Pudorosa is lovely, though in its folded form I mistook it for a Barbie cocktail dress. Your shawl pin is really charming. I am looking forward to seeing the skirt in its final glory.

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 3:52 PM, August 27, 2007  

  • Gosh, you've been so busy knitting lately! Your little girlie looks ever so cute with her new boa - totally elegant, a real Lady indeed! The Pudorosa sure seems interesting in the folded variation - I have to agree with Suzanne here, I also thought it's a Barbie garment ;) And what a great time it seems you've had at the fair - I so adored these events as a kid, I would go there and refuse to leave for hours and hours ;) My poor Mom!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 3:11 AM, August 30, 2007  

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