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Thursday, September 06, 2007

There are Things Afoot.

I've been pretty busy lately with a big thing that I can't tell you about yet. Come back tomorrow for sure. It's big and it's good in a knit/crochet/weave kind of way.

In the meantime my knitting has suffered. I started this a few days ago and between fixing where I put the dang yo (this stuff is way harder to tink than laceweight) and my big thing, it hasn't gotten very far even on 10mm(US 15).

Girly's jumper hasn't gotten much bigger either. Apparently I want change, but I don't want it to be harder than plain knitting. It doesn't help that it's been so darn muggy that my hands are better at making lakes than allowing the yarn to glide along.

Thanks to Liz of Crossroad Knits, I recently discovered a cool podcast called Stash and Burn. They have a one skein contest going on right now. If you've made/will make an entire project with only one skein from August 17th to September 21st, go tell them about it here and add your photos to the Flickr group. I put Girly's cape in there. I love when something gets triple billing. It's from my stash so it's a stash buster, it's a single skein so it fits for this contest and it's perfect me and Girly.


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