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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Not to be confused with the two-four. Two-four being a case of beer and two-fer being two for the price of one. Of course that would mean that the first one wasn't the price of two.

Walk with me Wednesday and Project Spectrum all in one post!

We took the path most traveled and found Autumn not far from where we started.

There was a path less traveled, but it looked like it might end up in someone's backyard so we couldn't take that one.

No matter, there was plenty to see anyway. Little "eggs" that were well examined, not touched.

A dragonfly came to pose with nature's laundry.

One of the few remaining Devil's Paintbrushes.

A fallen spruce trapping an old pine branch on some newer ones.

Some Purple Stemmed Asters with a bee desperately collecting the last bit of pollen for the long, hard winter ahead.

A plant with leaves so red they appear purple in the shade and along the veins.

By the way, the Kiddie Capelet, doesn't look half bad on me either. In a solid colour it could make a great cover up for those rare to never times I get all dressed up.


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