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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Internet ready again.

I had a light, Project Spectrum-y knitting post all ready for today, but it doesn't seem right since today is the anniversary of the attack on the twin towers in New York.

Today marks the day that many people lost their lives and the men and women of the military were about to be changed forever. We have friends in Afghanistan now and one about to ship out. We have friends in Iraq too and it seems just wrong to be light and talking about knitting when they are in such peril thanks to the hate and intolerance of others.

So for today at least, let us each turn to the person next to us and accept them for who they are. Religious/Spiritual, Race, Sexuality, Political views, Meat/Vegan, Home/Homeless, whatever the difference for today at least, let it go. Hate and intolerance never changed anyone's mind.


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