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Friday, October 12, 2007

Must. Finish. Must. Knit. More.

It seems that one thing off the needles makes me want everything off the needles all at once. So I am knitting here and there and everywhere on everything. Sadly, I appear to have gotten nowhere. The pine cones are drying out and opening faster than I am knitting.

Under Water is taller than I am and still a ways to go since I am going to knit on it until I am so close to out of yarn that I have to find a neat way to end it. Someone helped me measure it by holding the cast on tail nice and tight. Note the whirling paws'o'death. Speedy and scary enough to pin a 40lb dog in the corner and make him cry until he gets rescued.

"Rock a b'y [she is half Newfoundlander] baby..."


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