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Monday, November 26, 2007

Fur, snow and more fur.

It's cold out there and we need fur. Like this mitt for Girly. Wherein I discover that picking up the top stitches will not be fun so I try out a fix. Once the waste yarn is threaded through the four thumb stitches on the bottom, I thread it through the four on the top too. Worked fairly well if you don't pull the join about the thumb gusset too tightly. I may do this for all mitts since it made picking up the top stitches a breeze.

Girly likes her new purple hat and mitts. Although she wasn't happy with the size of the mitts at first. She seems to be now.

Saturday was our Santa Claus Parade. Early, but if we left it to just before Christmas, we might be standing out in "too frickin cold for human and dog" weather as opposed to just cold. Girly was happy to meet Santa and ask for a Barbie. She was sad that the goody bag didn't have a Barbie in it. We are having issues with the whole you have to wait for it thing.

Having trouble getting into the Christmas knitting? Not feeling the whole white Christmas mood?

The snow began on Friday and fell on and off all weekend. There is more coming now.

For me, the white Christmas has begun. Now, where did I put those dishcloth needles?

It's soon time for that love your family thing.


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