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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Postman cometh.

To droppeth offe my International Scarfe Exchangeth 5 package. A lovely package full of good things. Two skeins of Yarns Brunswick's Crafty Cotton. Nice stuff. Two skeins of Bernat Handicrafter cotton, a couple of tree ornaments (Girly claimed the angel for her very own.), some nice smelling Sea Island Cotton body lotion, a lighthouse calendar [The Mr. wants it for his toolbox at work, he misses The Rock (Newfoundland).], some sticky notes (Girly has also claimed the snowflake stickies.) and a pretty blue shawl pin. Shawl pins are hard to come by around here.

The star of the package though is the scarf. Handspun, B.C. grown, alpaca yarn. Beautiful and soft. Also warm. I thought mohair scarves were warm. Nope. Alpaca beats it hands and feet down. Also the furry doesn't get itchy after wearing it for a bit like mohair does.

The lace pattern is perfect for this yarn. I already have a person trying to steal it from me for those days when the mercury is shivering at -40*. My pal was Marylin and she did a great job spoiling me! Thank you Marylin. Also thanks for giving me knitting stuff to yap about today since I had nothing of my own to share. Nothing that I am going to show anyway.

It's snowing again today so maybe there will be snow type pictures tomorrow. Winter is at that in between stage right now. Sort pretty, but not quite as pretty as it gets. I can live with that since it is also not as cold yet.


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