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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More new, good and bad.

The good. Stranding! It's going pretty well but that throwing the yarn with the right hand thing is really dang awkward. I'm getting the hang of it but, I don't think I will ever be as fast with my right hand as I am with my left. Think the nephew will be okay with getting this for Christmas? It's the Skull Hat [pdf] written by Gina Doherty. She did this as a variation on the We Call Them Pirates hat by Hello Yarn. I like that it is simpler and therefore it's been easier to cut my stranding teeth.

The bad. We found a huge lump on Apollo's neck. Back to the vet we go. I am hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst. Poor dog. He's had a rough year. Say a prayer/blessing/good vibes for him. That it will be nothing and treatable or if not, that his passing will be peaceful and painless. He deserves to be spared that at least.


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