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Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Ball Bag is done.

My one ball of Lily Sugar n Cream went pretty darn far. If you decide to make one, you might want to centre your handles a little better though. I may have done this on the fly with no apparent concern for accuracy in finishing. I've forgotten what I did to make this bag. I've sat here for nearly two hours trying to figure it out. I am going to leave the materials list here. If you like it, keep checking back and once I finish another one I'll put the pattern up because this time I'm going to write it down. Why I keep thinking I am smart enough to remember things, I don't know. I should write that down too.


1 ball Lily Sugar n Cream yarn or any worsted weight yarn approximately 109m/120yds.
2 4mm(US6) DPNs. You don't need a whole set.
1 set 5mm(US8) DPNs or 40cm/16" circulars (it might fit on 60cm/24" too).
1 set 6mm DPNs or 40cm/16" circulars (should fit 60cm/24" too).
1 set 6.5mm DPNs or 60cm/24" circulars
1 set 7mm DPNs or 60cm/24" circulars (should fit 73cm/29" too).
Tapestry needle

It's the perfect size for those times when you and Jammy Girly only need a couple of things at the store.

Or that time when you needed a bit of yarn. Because we all need so much more yarn.

I have a few balls of Lily left. I do have a plan for it though.


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