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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today's knitting is mostly grey. The secret project has been designed and started. Hopefully it won't need too much tweaking during the knitting part of it. Lopi knit at this gauge is actually quite soft. Not wear-on-the-neck soft, but much nicer than at a tighter gauge.

Outside is grey too. The snow keeps coming and coming. I'm cool with that. Once it stops coming and the sun shows up, the temperature really drops. In the meantime, we'll enjoy what we have and hope for a warmer winter.

Even the shovel looks nice today.

Jack Frost has left his pretties on the door.


  • see? grey isn't so bad, is it? i guess if it's clean grey, it's pretty. it's the dingy grey from dirt that is unattractive.

    i love grey sweaters and things. very trad. can't wait for you to be less secretive!

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 7:23 PM, November 29, 2007  

  • Wow - you sure have quite an amount of snow already! It's snowing here too today, but I doubt it'll stay long - it does on the mountains though, so skiing season will begin soon for us ;)
    Grey is such a gorgeous colour for knitted garments and sweaters in particular - and hey, it's mega "hip" this season! ;)

    By Blogger Dipsy Doodle, at 2:42 AM, December 02, 2007  

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