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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm stuffed. Also feeling well, just tired and little to no concentration. Pregnancy brain.

Now, a little Thanksgiving trivia for you.

In 1578 Martin Frobisher held the first North American feast of Thanksgiving for surviving the long voyage from England to Newfoundland. Forty-three years before the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in 1621. However, Newfoundland didn't join Canada until March 31, 1949 so we can't really claim it as a Canadian event.

Thanksgiving didn't become an official holiday in Canada until 1879 though.

We don't dress up like pilgrims for Thanksgiving. That's a US thing. Canada doesn't have pilgrims. We were settled by fishermen, furriers, loggers and farmers. Also by slaves escaping the harshness of their "owners" and draft dodgers who wanted out of the US civil war.

Happy Columbus Day to those south of the border!


  • Thank you for the interesting history lesson. I wasn't aware of the fact that you had Thanksgiving before the US did. I guess I'm never too old to learn something!

    By Blogger She Knits Socks, at 2:25 PM, October 17, 2008  

  • we don't dress up like pilgrims either. only on the telly. there was a good This American Life about the fallacies of the US Tg as seen on sitcoms.
    i'll be having my thanksgiving with homemade texmex since my stepmum is old san antonio fambly.

    so what took the newfoundland peeps so long to hitch a ride on the canada train?

    By Anonymous IHateToast, at 2:05 AM, October 26, 2008  

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