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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I like.

This stay-cation thing rocks. I really like the no fuss, no rush of staying home for two whole weeks with no other kids running around, no work and a paycheck.

We've been walking, (See nice brand new pavement! The roads in our loop have been bad for a lot of years so we are all enjoying the new smooth ride/walk.)

Hanging out at the beach watching balloons float up to the sun,

Smelling the flowers,

and relaxing at home.

Sunday was our sixth anniversary and we celebrated by getting each other a family gift. His name will be Troy. The cats are not impressed yet. Sam came out fur up, growling, but wouldn't get close enough for a good sniff. Jezzie investigated his kennel, hid and is now refusing to come out. Apollo (Caught the name connection?) figures he's okay and may have to accept yet another boss of him. Sam being the main boss. Troy is a five year old Havanese. He came from Jomarans Kennels in Saskatchewan. So far, he's captured Girly's heart and has become my shadow. The Mr. is charmed by him too. Nothing like a man who is secure enough to love a little dog.

The Bearskin cargo person moved pretty darn quick to get him out of cargo as soon as the plane landed too. He's a real prince of a guy and has a Jack Russell so he was as gentle as could be and I could see him chatting Troy up while he was driving him in the baggage cart.

All of our pets now have a literary connection.

Sam Spade - Ace Detective

Jezebel - (the Mr. liked the name and had never heard the story)

Apollo - I choose to ignore that the Mr. was thinking of this man when he chose the name.

Troy - may he come to a better end after a long siege-free life.


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