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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So this month, we've had Nanny come to stay and taken a road trip to Winnipeg to spend a weekend with some friends as well as get me some maternity type work clothes.

It was a blast and Girly took quite a shine to the friends. She insisted on snuggling to watch tv and of course their giant chocolate lab thought that it was great fun to have a small fry around to sniff. Girly loved him to bits too. There's just something about kids and labs, I tell you. Troy on the other hand, was a little weirded out by this huge dog who wasn't scared of him at all. It all worked out though and they got on alright.

We came home to find fall had arrived.

There are colours everywhere sometimes all on the same plant.

Oddly though, the days have been quite warm for this time of year and my Easter Lily has decided to give it another go before the year is done. Hopefully the 0*C predicted for tonight doesn't hurt it though.

Along with fall comes the cold and flu season. We got hit pretty hard this year. Nanny was really sick for a day or two and although she is on the mend, she is still pretty wiped out. Girly got a bit of it last night and the washing machine was going steady until about 2:00am this morning. She is on the mend already, this little nap is just to make up for all the sleep lost last night.

Needless to say we are all hoping the Kidlet and I don't get hit. That could get pretty rough.

There has been very little knitting. I've been learning a new position at work (Payroll Clerk) and it's been taking every bit of concentration I have, not that I have much lately. Maybe next time. I hope. My attention span can't stay this short forever right? Right?!


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