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Monday, November 10, 2008

We have forgotten.

Once upon a time many people knew exactly what Remembrance Day was for and why we needed it. Now many are complaining because it is a holiday for some people and not for others. They think we should all be at work if they have to be there.

I understand that it is difficult to find childcare if their Daycare is closed and their place of work is not. But don't get mad and say that the Daycare should be open. Get mad and say that your place of work should be closed.

Too often we take for granted the reason we have the half day. Attendance at parades and ceremonies is minimal. Of course the cold doesn't help with that, but if it was warm and sunny, would they then come?

Remembrance Day is not about war, it is about the end of war. The atrocities are brought out to remind us why ending war is so vital. Why no more soldiers should suffer through them so we can live in our ease surrounded by our comforts.

Peace to you on this day. May it be peace for all someday when we as a human race remember that war has more losers than winners. More grief and suffering than joy and celebration. That even those who lived to see the end of a war, never stop living the deaths and destruction.


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