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Friday, August 11, 2006

The rocker and I have had a parting of ways.

Last night I dreamt of a shawl. Rectangular, with large lace points all around. Inside each lace point is a small motif and a larger version of the same motif repeats in a line down the centre of the stockinette rectangle. There are words written in lace around the border of the rectangle and a lace border on both sides of the words. I've never knit lace bigger than the dishcloths you've seen me blog about. I'm already trying to draw this out. What am I doing? Why am I on the floor? I was sitting on that nice comfy rocker just a minute ago.

Hopefully the Lace Swap I'm in will help me get my head around knitting a shawl so I can get this design out of my head and off a piece of paper into an actual shawl.

On the not so crazy side.

A sunflower! It's covered in wasps, so I can't get any closer and my camera just doesn't have very good close up or zoom capabilies, but there she is! Isn't she lovely? Her name is Hope. As in hope she survives for a while.

Another one on the way out. I thinking up names now. I'm probably going to name them all if they all open up. Because if you haven't heard, I fell off my rocker last night and I'm not really sure if I'm going to be able to get back on.


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