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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good morning, Saturday.

Sunrise time was 06:57am. I was about a 1/2 hour late for the party.

It's supposed to be a nice sunshiney day today.

The girly is all better now. So are we. The Mr. was feeling pretty queasy night before and last night, but when I called him at work this morning, he said he feels much better. I actually got a decent sleep and am functioning this morning. We have learned, when purchasing chicken, completely ignore what they say about being able to keep it in the fridge. Apparently up here (five-seven hours from chicken processing plants) chicken at the "fresh" market should be considered to be near the end of it's shelf life and frozen immediately. Thaw just before use and cooked to brittle dryness.

P.S. I love Yarn magazine! I skimmed through it when I first got it, but now I am poring every word. What a well written magazine! I believe I will be adding a subscripton wish to my SP9 questionnaire.

P.P.S. I just found out that Whose Lace is it Anyway? may repeat itself next year. I'm in for sure!


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