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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Caution: Yarn Ahead.

Fading Poppy


(Left to right) Yukon Lights, Fireweed, Swamp Grasses, Blackberry Milk ...

(Left to right) Mossy Rock, Passion and Pride, Rushing Water, Twilight Falling ...

... and My Girls in honour of Hope, Joy, Chary, Bustle, Nexus, Autumn, Wish and My Girl Saturday. I couldn't get my hands on a nice brown, so I tried to duplicate the white/yellow/green/brown look of the center before it fills in and the bees give it a little lovin'.

I guess knitting can be done upside down too.

Corner Gas, another reason to love Canadian T.V. (You'll need a fast internet connection if you want to explore the site a little).
Quittin' Knittin'
Guess who gives in first.


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