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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yarny goodness ahead.

The blue scarf is no more. Today I'm washing it to relax the kinks.

More dyed yarns for my LYS.
From the left, Shades of Tulip, New Creamsicle, Glacier, Violet Twilight, Raspberries in Oatmeal and Superior's Waves. A better picture of the colours tomorrow.

The small skeins in the background are the relaxed yarn from the scarves I took apart the other day. It's even softer now and definitly an animal fibre. I did a burn test, a bleach test and it relaxed so fast that it must be an animal fibre.

The hand towel in this post was made with Paton's Cotton Top (MC) and Sugar 'n' Cream cotton (CC). If you want to make one, just find a nice slubby worsted weight cotton and get knitting. Any small stitch pattern (no more than four rows, six if you want a wide stripe) would do the job as contrast stripes with garter stitch for the main part of the towel. I do like the two different colours, but if you wanted to do a one colour towel, you could try using an all over reversible pattern for the main part and garter stitch or basket weave for the contrast stripe.


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