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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello, again!

It was a very nice weekend. Thanksgiving in Canada is pretty much the same as it is in the U.S. except we don't go all pilgrim-y since Canada was originally settled by beaver trappers, whalers, sealers, fishermen and seekers of precious metals. Others came over from France and the U.K. as well various other ports of call with the earliest known settlement in North America having been recently found in Labrador which the Vikings called Vinland. They appear to have been farmers and it isn't known for sure why they left, although conflict with the Native peoples is thought to be part of the reason.

Our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of turkey, dressing, roast winter vegetables, pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie.

Saturday we made a visit to the LYS with all of these.

These were everywhere Saturday. They are Asian Ladybugs. I must have collected and thrown at least 10 to 15 outside. We are keeping an eye out for infestations and hoping that they moved on. I really don't get why people keep messing around with the environment like this. These are an import to Canada and although beneficial, they behave differently than the local ladybugs do and this makes them harder to control. There are enough imported bug/plant infestations up here already. I really wish they would lay off with the imports already!

On the knitting front, guess what this is. If you said sock, you would be right. I'm giving it a try again. We'll see if this one makes it to completion.

Guess what else is new around here. That's right, potty training! Oh, fun. I love me my Little Green. The thing has already paid for itself by cleaning up after the cats. It will probably pay for itself another 3 or 4 times by the time we are finished. Ah well, such is life.

Her bee-YOO-tee-ful dress. "Take a picture of my dress, Mommy!"

"Look what Grandma made me Mommy! Take a picture of my brand new sweater."

This is what my knitting spot had in it last night. One off, another one on. Beacuse I might run out of things to knit. Yeesh. It's contagious.


  • I am such a dork, I didn't read that it was Thanksgiving in Canada and I had no idea that you wouldn't be blogging. Sorry. I am a HUGE dork. Hope you had a great weekend, Girly looks really happy.

    By Blogger Hoban Family, at 9:44 AM, October 10, 2006  

  • Those asian ladybugs bite too!

    By Blogger Martina, at 11:44 AM, October 10, 2006  

  • My mum in Winnipeg said her porch was covered in those ladybugs! Crazy, eh?

    By Blogger Charity, at 12:15 PM, October 10, 2006  

  • what a cutie in her dress and new sweater :)

    By Blogger Barb, at 3:19 PM, October 10, 2006  

  • Your little one is right: her dress is so pretty. And she is such a cutie, anyway.

    Is that green and white knitting I see a square or is it a dishcloth or something else? You have so many things going on!!!

    The colors are your yarn are really stunning - particularly against your beautiful, dark, new table.

    By Blogger Kristy, at 11:32 PM, October 10, 2006  

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