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Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to ...

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Q and A yet again.

Angie asks:
Wow, what a weather - but gosh, you have so much snow, it's a real winter wonderland already - way too early for that, ain't it? Hope you'll be getting a couple more nice and warm days till the real snow hits!
It is a bit early for this much snow. It isn't uncommon to have snow before Halloween, but not this early or this much and it doesn't usually stick around. Although I do remember a Halloween or four when we had to put on snowsuits under our costumes and there were snowbanks.

Katy asks:
so when is your manboy going to start knitting?
He says never. Although I did catch him casting on a few for Girly the other day.

now i have a friend in minnesota who told me it gets so cold your snot freezes IN your nose. or it did one winter. do you get that? insane!
Yes, a lot. More than I would like. It really sucks when you first step outside and it's so cold you instinctively suck in a breath then your nostrils freeze shut for a second or two. -40*C (-40*F) is really effing cold. I believe the coldest temperature on record for this area is -62*C. That is crazy cold and extremely rare. I can't verify that though because I can't find the right page on-line.

oooh, i'm a dark chocolate person, too. and what thrum mitten pattern are you using?
I'm using the pattern that came with the yarn from Touchstone Manor. They don't have it on their website though so it must be a pretty generic pattern. I think there is a pattern link on the Yarn Harlot's blog somewhere though.

wow! never would have guessed most of that. have you ever seen someone else's knitted up work with your yarn?
I've seen a swatch (thin stripes of colour). Most of the yarn that has sold has been to people who don't have blogs or took it far away to where I can't see it.

i know this is the ritual. spring summer autumn winter, but still. it's sad. especially as you've named the girls. how many did you have in total?
Hope, Joy, Chary, Bustle, Nexus, Autumn, Wish and My Girl Saturday ... 8.

can you smell any of the koolaid? i'd love a good scratch 'n' sniff yarn. where has scratch 'n' sniff gone?
Sadly, once they are washed, there is no smell left. It would be cool to find a scratch 'n' sniff yarn though.

Barb says:
pretty pics...looks like winter up there is picture perfect :)
Winter here is very pretty. Our climate tends to lean toward the cold even though we are actually not all that far north. We are in the northern part of Ontario, but there is a lot of Canada that gets warmer weather and is further north than we are.
Here are the latitudes and longitudes for Sioux Lookout and Edmonton. As you can see, you are actually nearly 3* north of us. However, if you check out this Hardiness Zones map (we are in 2a), you can see our weather likes to make us think we are further north than Edmonton. I attribute that to the Hudson Bay and the James Bay bringing down the cold.
Sioux Lookout:
Latitude 50.11667
Longitude -91.9
Altitude 389
Standard time zone: GMT -7
Sunrise 5:28 AM GMT -7
Sunset 4:19 PM GMT -7
Latitude 53.3
Longitude -113.58333
Altitude 715
Standard time zone: GMT -7
Sunrise 6:59 AM GMT -7
Sunset 5:41 PM GMT -7

Kristy asks:
Oh Dorothy! I love the colors of the beautiful, beautiful yarn. You do such amazing work. Do you spin your own yarn, too?
Not yet. Soon though. I just have to get some cahonies and ask a lady here in town who does spin if she would be willing to teach me how, then find the time to be able to go and learn.

Dorothy, is this your ONE year knitiversary? Surely you have been knitting longer than that.
Nope. One year. Pretty crazy how fast I managed to get the hang of it though.

Suzanne asks:
How do you cook moose?
You treat it pretty much like beef. It's not as fatty as beef so you have to be careful not to overcook or it will dry out fast.
Here are a few links I found on-line.
Moose Stroganoff
A variety here
If you aren't big on the wild taste (like me) it helps to soak/thaw the roast in a solution of half milk and half water, then drizzle a bit of oil over the top before throwing in the oven. The older the moose, the wilder the taste.

Liz K. asks:
I love rescuing and recycling yarn, don't you?
I do. I didn't think I would because of all the work involved, but it's nice to know that although the original knitter's work was given away, the choice of yarn will turn into a gift for someone else to love.

Anna asks:
I am so jealous. We should be getting our first snow tonight, thanks to you canadians! I have to laugh, our news always says "the canadian storm will be heading here in 2 days" Then I see your posts and think we will get the same snow...did that make sense?
Yes, that did make sense. Don't worry, we blame the States or the prairies for all of our summer storms.
Sorry you didn't get any snow. Don't worry, soon enough.


  • Your pet pictures are funny. It's always interesting how they really do have their own little moods sometimes. Thanks for all the great snow pictures and talking about cooking moose! It's always interesting hearing about how things are going north of the border!

    By Blogger Jana, at 5:51 PM, October 15, 2006  

  • Looks like your little animal menagerie is feeling very emotional these days. I've been there!

    P.S. I took baby pictures and posted them! :)

    By Blogger Kristy, at 12:59 AM, October 16, 2006  

  • The photo of Jezzie, with you smiling and the syringe on the table is too funny! Poor kitty. She looks so miserable.

    By Anonymous Amber, at 2:23 PM, October 16, 2006  

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