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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soon it will be Christmas Eve.

I was listening to the Christmas Country channel on Sirius (Love Sirius, it saved us from hits of the 80's and the time repeated every four minutes.) and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer came on. Something occurred to me, if we know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, how come we may not know the most famous reindeer of all? If he was the most famous wouldn't we have forgotten all the other reindeer but, still remember Rudolph? Why did that take 33 years to sink into my pea-brain?

Anyway, reason number 438 not to bother wasting battery power on a flash outdoors. Even at sunset, at 4:30 in the afternoon.

No Flash...


A grape candy scarf and a carnation pink one. I'm nearly done with the purple now, then on to another bright pink one for Girly since that's the colour she liked best.

Now, I must go and get my throat swabbed, I think I have tonsillitis just in time for Christmas. Yay. You're jealous aren't you.


  • The pink and purple scarf are just beautiful. You have completed a truly impressive number of handknits this Christmas. You should be very proud.

    I hope you aren't getting sick. You poor thing. Try to get some rest. We've got a bunch of people out sick from work...ugh

    By Blogger Kristy, at 9:37 AM, December 20, 2006  

  • I love the colors of the scarves. They look so soft too. Oh no, don't get sick. I just got over a bad cold myself, just in time for Christmas. No fun being sick on Christmas.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:52 AM, December 20, 2006  

  • Hey there... I finally tried your Grandma's Depression bread on the weekend... it was really good bread, and wasn't messy to make at all. Two thumbs up! Thanks!

    By Blogger desperate housewife, at 12:39 PM, December 20, 2006  

  • My, what a sunrise - looks totally summer-y - if it weren't for the coldness, right?
    Your scarves look so yummy, soft and cozy, and I really love the colours!

    By Anonymous Dipsy D., at 12:46 PM, December 20, 2006  

  • I love my Sirius too. It saved me from Madonna's Cherish and Bryan Adam's Summer of 69 played on a continuous loop.

    By Blogger Polly, at 2:59 AM, December 21, 2006  

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