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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday, lazy Sunday.

One last snow and ice picture. There are a ton more in my files, but I want to take different ones and post them up now that most of the ice is melted and the tree are standing straight and tall again. There is more snow falling today. It's too tiny to really capture on camera, but it should leave a nice dusting of snow everywhere. I am praying for a lot more snow over winter, but I am enjoying the ability to slap on a pair of shoes and go instead of yanking on the Sorels and carrying shoes/slippers (Canadians don't wear their outdoor shoes in the house, not even in the summer.).

I love Saturday afternoons at the LYS. Here is one of the regulars with two little helpers. Poor little Miss, Girly stole her big Dora doll almost as soon as she walked in the door and little Miss was sweet enough to let her. Although feeling too shy to take it back, is just as likely.

The LYS owner (leaning down) and little Miss's mother.

This makes a day in an unheated summer house comfortable and cozy. I think every yarn shop should have one in the winter.

Look, my very own hand-dyed yarn all knit up. Not by me though. I haven't managed to finish a sock yet.


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