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Monday, February 05, 2007

All blue, white and grey all the time.

This weekend was all about the photo ops and the Fetchings. Except at the yarn store on Saturday. I worked on a chemo hat then since simple in the round knitting is the best for all the talking and distraction of yarns I haven't seen before. I had no idea that Lorna's Laces came in such small skeins!

The Fetchings grew quite a bit while I decided if I liked how they looked. I was so undecided that I didn't cut the yarns in between switching.

Finally, I just couldn't love the way I had joined in the white any longer and ripped back to here. Now I'm back to where I started and I'll try again, but I think I'll do it much differently this time.

Finally a decent picture of the moon. This is with the digital zoom, tomorrow night is supposed to be clear again so I'm going to try the optical zoom in the morning and see how that goes. Apparently if I wait until there is enough light, the shivering doesn't affect the focus as much.

My hunt for the more interesting Project Spectrum pictures led to a surprising number of blue, white and grey. Boxcars on the trains in front of the abandoned train station. Too bad all the successful businesses in town couldn't just suck it up and pool their funds to fix it up. It would make a great community theater house. It would be really cool if some of the rectangles had native art painted in them. Beautiful artwork on display for all to enjoy.

This little blue-roofed birdhouse is on a tree in the yarn store driveway.

This is my favourite found photo op.


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