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Friday, January 26, 2007

Knitting reappears.

It seems these last few days of knitting very little mean that very little got done. Who would have thought knitting would work that way. Apparently little elves only come along and help out spinners and cobblers.

The scarf is still nearly two feet from being done. Purolator is going to love me.

Of course when you are this close to finishing something and it is still reasonably inexpensive to send it, I cast on for something different and ensure I will have to pay a fortune to get the scarf there on time.

It seems that the wildlife inside isn't the only beasts around. Apollo has too much fur between the pads on his paws to make such clear prints. I keep his claws clipped too.

This is more than likely a mouse. The tracks don't go down far enough to be a cat and are too small for anything else that would be awake at this time of year. I hope the little bugger isn't under the trailer. They are hard on insulation and wiring.

Red Scarf, here I come.


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