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Monday, January 22, 2007

The bag, the almost final chapter.

I know, I was supposed to mail it on Friday, but I couldn't. I really wasn't happy with it. After all we were supposed to make a bag to go in our kits not a basket cover. I felted it one more time and that made me happier about the fabric itself, but the shape still wasn't what I had wanted. So I wandered on down to my LYS to show the owner and see what she thought. She thought pretty much the same thing I did about it. We loved the stitch pattern on it, but that shape. What to do, what to do. Suddenly the LYS owner had an epiphany. Why not sew the corners of the sides together to give it more of a purse shape? Brilliant! So that was the plan. Add straps and sew the corners of the sides together. Then I found the new VK and saw this bag. I knew we were on the right track.

Here it is. I love it! Now I will be happy to mail it to my pal. The front.

The back.

The side. If I had more time I would add a stiffener to the bottom, but I've already pushed my luck too far.

The back has a little crocheted flower on it. I have no idea how I managed to do this. I just fiddled and cursed until it had a flower type look.

Now that I am happy with my KMKS bag, I get to keep this bag. I really like this one and now that it has been felted, I can use it as a shopping bag. It only took a moment of panic to make me get off my behind and felt it.

For those who asked, I used the dryer felting method. I got it soaking wet, rubbed in a little baby shampoo, ran it under hot water then threw it in the dryer on the hot setting. I started checking the progress after about 20 minutes. If after 40 minutes it still wasn't doing anything, I took it out, ran it under cold water then under hot again and threw it back in. It took nearly an hour and a half of that to felt the blue bag to my satisfaction and two hours to felt the Basket of Keys bag.


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