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Monday, January 15, 2007

Project Spectrum strikes a little early.

I did not finish my KMKS bag on time. It was supposed to go in the mail today. I am going to finish it this morning and dryer felt it this afternoon. I wouldn't have been able to get to the post office until nearly closing. Which means it wouldn't have begun it's journey until Wednesday anyway. That doesn't really make me feel any better. I'm not happy that my planning has not been the best. This means I need to work on that some more. To make up for it, I will be sending my package as fast as I can afford to try to make up some time. I already have patterns and yarn, but I will throw in another ball and my 'Allo Gov'nr Fingerless Gloves pattern just to say sorry. This is the yarn I dyed yesterday morning and it will be for my pal. Wouldn't that make some pretty fingerless gloves? Doesn't Sam look like he is excited about February's colours?

It seems that I was surrounded by white and blue ...
... or white and grey today. Although I took this picture after our little ice storm, I noticed it again while I was sorting through my photo archives. Cute, but cold little mushrooms. To give you an idea of how cold it has been here for the last week, here's a little clip of the Mr. and a cup of hot water at work three nights ago. This is normal for us this time of year.


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