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Monday, January 08, 2007

Actual knitting content.

The front of my KMKS bag is done. I'm pretty sure that I am going to run out of yarn for it, so I am going to do the sides and when I get a chance, get another two balls for the back. I'm reversing the colours for the sides, but keeping them the same for both front and back. Once I get everything all knit up, I'm planning on felting it and lining it. Although I may have to get a lesson in sewing so it looks nice.

Girly had a party to attend on Sunday for a little girl we used to look after. It was really nice and she had a ball.

This morning the moon is bright in the sky and I see out the window that the sun is coming up and glowing on the trees across the yard.

My trees have recovered from the ice and are mostly free of snow although some of the branches are still weighed down.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my friends who lost all their stuff in a fire while moving, received their parcel of dishcloths and towels just after Christmas. They were very touched and happy that so many of you took the time to think of them and knit them a new memory for their home. They wish to extend their sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you. They really liked everything and the lavender soap Jen sent really made the parcel smell nice. Thank you again to everyone who knit a cloth or towel. They were very appreciated.

There were so many after all was said and done, that I wound up giving some of them to the ladies of the Women's Shelter for Christmas gifts. Each person who knit for my friends sent something to them in their parcel. Each person who sent more than one dishcloth also gave one to the women of the shelter. That way some of what I knit was sent to my friends and some was given to the shelter. Thank you all of you for your generosity. I'll be collecting again for the shelter in the summer so that by Christmas I will have enough again.


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