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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


That's how I feel today. As though none of my thoughts are connected to each other. I all over the place and this post is too.

The side for the bag is coming along (Suzanne, it's the Key and Basket Pattern under the mosaic knitting section of Barbara Walker's Second Treasury). It's moving along much faster over 35 sts than over 67 sts. Imagine that.

The hat for Kate. If you haven't heard, she's collecting fun fur hats for 10-16 year old kids in the cancer care ward of the Children's Hospital in Boston. I'm knitting one, maybe two or three.

My poor Tamarack is confused. It has started to bud, but now the temperatures are dropping. I hope it recovers come spring.

The Three Sisters have lost their veils.

Girly tried on Daddy's pants and said "They fit perfectly!".


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