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Friday, March 30, 2007

Heer be knitting! Aarrr!

The scurvy has addled the brain of this heer landlubber.

She be knitting on a square

and a vest, but this be the hat, written by Gina, the scurvy landlubber ought to get her needles in ere she walks the plank! Aarrr!

Winter be here again and this pirate hat don't be keeping the head of this pirate warm.

It be meltin fast, but it could be coming back again!

The landlubber's sister came by and frightened this old pirate with some flowers. How's a pirate supposed to keep a scurvy ship uh, scurvy with flowers on it?! Aarrr! The landlubber was happy with them though. I may make her walk the plank yet!


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