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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random day today.

I did some knitting, but due to an unhappiness with how the design was coming out, it got ripped. Sadly that means nothing knit-like to show off. Look at the snow out the window. It's really starting to go now!

Project Spectrum's first colour combo is ending on Saturday. I really like this combo since they are all colours I can wear fairly well, but I haven't been very inspired by the blue/grey/white combo for the last few weeks due to spring fever. While I have many blue/white/grey things I can start/finish, right now, I need bright, warm colour and lots of it to help keep the fever down. I don't think things would be this bad for me if we weren't in limbo like we have been. It isn't really cold out and there isn't much snow, but that leaves not a whole lot to do outside. Too cold to garden, play on the swings or have a barbeque. Not enough snow to build snowmen, make snow angels, go sliding, or build forts. Too wet to go skating and still a bit too much melting snow to play games on the grass. If I were into snowmachines or skiing I would be out of luck there too since the ice on the lakes is a bit precarious and the snow on the trails isn't deep enough or good enough to sled or ski on without bogging down. The weather is iffy too. Will it rain? Sleet? Snow? Will the wind be up and be too strong coming in off the damp ice on the lakes to be warm? You know, limbo. Sigh. Soon enough summer will be here and I'll get to whine about it being too hot to go outside. There just isn't pleasing some folks.

Anyway... A bit of winter pretty for all of you to enjoy.

Looking toward the town beach.

On the town beach. Pretty sandy, eh?

Near the town beach looking toward the train tracks.

Across the road from our neighbour's house after January's ice storm.


  • You are a good soul, Dorothy. Even while you are impatiently awaiting spring/summer, you find the time to share the winter with us. These pictures are great. I'm always impressed by the blue, blue skies in your pictures....well, when the sky is showing.

    By Blogger Kristy, at 10:19 AM, March 29, 2007  

  • Either your environment is lovely no matter what the weather or you are particularly gifted at finding the beauty in any environment. I am constantly charmed by the views you share.

    By Blogger Sus, at 10:23 AM, March 29, 2007  

  • Ah gee I'm looking forward to Spring also. To warmer (not hot) days to sit in the back yard or work in the garden or taking a walk around town. I've got to do all of that before it gets too HOT. Such a small window to look forward to isn't it? ;-) (enjoying your pictures tho)

    By Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut, at 1:38 PM, March 29, 2007  

  • Hm... I have to say that a bit of this snow would be very nice on our mountains these days! Yesterday I was almost swimming down the mountain instead of skiing - even the fake snow here melts and I guess it's safe to say that the skiing season is as good as over ;(

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 3:32 AM, April 02, 2007  

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