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Monday, March 05, 2007

My weekend.

This is the best photo we managed to get of the lunar eclipse on Saturday. If you want to see a really wicked one, go here. We were on the way back to town after a day of shopping and saw the last half. The moon came up in full eclipse and slowly orbited out of the Earth's shadow as we watched. Beautiful. The first lunar eclipse I can remember actually watching.

On the knitting front, I am nearly done with a F#* F@^ hat for Ruth. I'm holding it with a ball of the Knitpicks Carrot from Cate (nice wool) for added warmth. So far she likes it and can't wait for her fur to be done.

The second wrister. I had about three metres left after I was finished. I put my hand down to take a picture without toys or laundry in the background and someone came over to see if I was really there to give him a pet. Turns out I was.

Here they are together. A whole set just for me. I have to block a bit and outside has to warm up a lot before I can wear them out, but they are finished and I really like them. Getting so much out of an expensive ball of yarn makes the money more worth while too.

We went to visit Grandpa at work and someone has decided that this is what she wants for Christmas. Of course that came from the mouth of the Mr. so it may not be entirely reliable.

"I'm the Queen of the castle!" We didn't teach her the rest of that yet.


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