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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Living on caffeine, missing the nicotine.

No real progress to show today because when you are overtired and hopped up on caffeine and sugar, you can't concentrate, your heart races and your hands shake. I even had a few cravings yesterday and it has been a long time since I've had those.

Some knitting got ripped and some got another row or two. Apparently when 35 stitches are just the right size, casting on 50 to make it a size or two bigger is not a good idea. The little fall jacket became giant. It would have taken Girly nearly 5 years to grow big enough to wear it.

I couldn't concentrate on knitting so I tried winding yarn. Apparently that was too much concentration too since I kept putting it down to go do something and forgetting to come back to it. Even though the brain was racing with all the stimulation, it was going to fast too remember where it had been. No wonder kids freak out so often and can't sit still and be quiet when they have too much sugar. Even your brain can't sit still and be quiet.

I wanted to try seaming up this little Baby Kimono (in the Mason-Dixon book) but that was too fiddly and as much as I need the practice before I move on to Invested, I couldn't do it. I managed about an inch of seaming. Before I had to quit, too shaky and crazy.

So I tried playing with Apollo for a bit. We adjusted one of his meds so he's feeling a bit better and there were no piddle puddles on the floor this morning. He still can't play for too long though since his system has some recovering to do before his energy levels will come back up to where they were.

Thank goodness yesterday is over. I think I am going to skip the treats today and limit the caffeine to one cup of coffee.

You can spend a fortune on toys for them and they're still gonna like the box best.


  • good luck finding your center again! Caffine is a friend & foe at times!

    By Blogger Heather, at 8:23 PM, April 19, 2007  

  • Must be the time to give up the nicotine, your's is the second blog where I read about having given up smoking. After many years of smoking I too stopped about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I didn't make a point of noting the exact date because I didn't know if it would be permanent but I think this time it will be. So well done Dorthy.

    I find having two real cups of coffee in the morning fixed my coffee fix and then I just have tea for the rest of the day unless of course I'm out for a special lunch or dinner.

    By Blogger Helen, at 7:11 AM, April 20, 2007  

  • Kids like playing with the box the best too!

    Good luck kicking the habit - it is rough, but you can do it.

    By Blogger Miss Scarlett, at 10:29 AM, April 20, 2007  

  • Oy - this sounds like a true caffeine overdose indeed! I get these pretty quickly, after, like, 3 cups of coffee I'm going slighty insane, and the heart racing I get then sure scares me. So I tend to drink 2 cups of coffee only per day, the rest will be tea - the caffeine in it strangely does nothing bad to me, I could drink pots and pots of it and not speed up at all.

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 11:48 PM, April 20, 2007  

  • Good luck with quitting the nicotine habit. Having never smoked myself, I can't really understand what it is like, but I have seen several family members go through it, and several who have said they want to but haven't succeeded.
    I have experienced the caffeine overload once or twice, and it's not good. Now I have one or two coffees a day, and the rest of the day I stick to water. Very occasionally I'll drink tea, but I'm not really a tea person.

    By Blogger Sue H, at 3:08 PM, April 21, 2007  

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