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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A day of threes.

Yesterday was full of three good things. The first being that I had a lovely day with no children. I did feel a little bit odd at first, but then the peace and ability to dawdle over this or that without having to look around constantly to make sure Girly was still beside me, set in. As much as I love going places with Girly, a day all by myself was exactly what I needed. So nice and now I feel ready to tackle the major overhaul the bit of spring cleaning I need to get done.
That was nice thing number one.

This was nice thing number two. My yarn order (Plassard Bourette Pure Soie 100% Silk 95m/104yds) for ISE 4 arrived from Elann. Five days after I placed the order and neatly boxed up. Beautiful! I got some Terra Cotta food dye and I am going skein it up and try my hand at overdyeing a skein to see how it turns out. If it as nice as I hope it will be, there will be three skeins up as a prize to all who donate to my Relay fundraiser (anyone who has already donated/purchased will be entered as well).

This is nice thing number three. A completely unexpected gift from Suzanne. Beautiful, beautiful yarns in pretty colours too and did you notice the sequins on the red yarns at the top of the photo? My Nan-in-law would be in her glee if she saw them. I think she will get something made with them.

a set of 2mm (US 0) straights. These are hard to find in bamboo around here. Generosity like this really lifts me up. A really nice day became fabulous after all the good things. How could it get any better?

Evidence that melting was really happening. Even though this is frozen solid, it tells the tale of spring. The roads weren't busy today. I was wandering around in the middle of the highway taking pictures, standing in the ditch opposite of the car and no one saw me and wondered if I was smoking the funny weed.

Water, the strongest moving force on the planet. Stronger even than solid rock.

Even the wildlife was in threes. There were three eagles on the ice near a bridge. On a corner going up a hill so I couldn't stop and take pictures. There were three ducks in an open spot on a lake and three geese on the ice nearby. Then there were these birds. Blue Herons. I noticed one standing there and fortunately there was a park turn off right there so I braked hard (good thing no one was behind me and I was in a 60km/around 35mph zone) and pulled in. Then I saw the other one. I managed to get a few photos but when I pulled ahead a little to try and get some better ones,

three of them took off. The other had been hidden in some of last year's cattails.

So here's to a day of good threes to all of you today.


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